To connect Letit with exchange/s, you need to  create an API connection.  Let’s take Binance US as an example:

  1. Register on Binance US (for those who haven’t registered yet):


  1. Create an API connection, by following the instructions on the website:

(At the moment, Letit terminal works on the spot market only, thus, the connection must be created with the spot market)


  1. Open the Letit trading terminal.  Click on the "My account" button in the upper right corner. From there, select "API Management” in the menu that appears.

  1. On the new page, select "Add new key", then enter the "Key" and "Secret Key" that you created on the Binance exchange (may copy & paste help you!) Ensure the input is correct by checking both the first and last two characters.

Boom! Your connection has been created.  A connection with other crypto exchanges is created in a similar way.