Guaranteed order is an option that controls whether the order is sent to the exchange immediately when it is created, or whether it will wait for the activation price.


For example, if you set an entry to Long at the price of an asset of $11, while the asset is currently worth $10 and you have the Guaranteed order setting active, then the order will immediately go to the exchange and be activated at a price of $10.


This will happen because limit orders are activated either at a price set by the trader, or at the most profitable for him at the moment.


If you disable the Guaranteed order setting, the terminal will wait until any asset reaches the order activation price (in this example, $11) and only then activates the deal.

But remember that it is worth using a ‘deactivate guaranteed order’ in relation to an asset that has high liquidity.  An order for an altcoin without an impressive history and a stable reputation has every chance of never being executed.