In order to start trading in partnership with Letit, do the following:

1) Add trading pairs that seem promising to you.  After that, click on the "+" icon in the Watchlist section.


2) Go to the "Order form" tab. It is located above the Watchlist tab.

Here you can set the parameters for analysis: the opening price, the volume of the transaction in the selected cryptocurrency, the volume of the transaction in USDT.


3) Make sure to set stop and take orders before entering a position!  Use the functions that are activated when you click on their name.

4) In the Stop loss section, you can set data to minimize the risk: risk percentage per trade, stop activation price, position size that will be closed if your stop is hit.

5) In the Take profit section, you can set the percentage of profit that you want to receive as a result of a successful transaction, as well as profit in USDT and the level at which the application will be executed.


To open a trade, enter the parameters:

  •  trade opening price 

  •  stop activation price

  •  take activation price 

Right after, click on Run Smart long order.  The situation is similar with a short order, it can be enabled in the upper section by clicking on the "sell" button.


Letit will automatically calculate how much you can gain and lose from the current trade, depending on the possible price movement.


 Make decisions consciously and the Market shall shower you with endless abundance!