Letit has an additional risk control feature.

You can use it by going to the "Risk Settings" tab.


In the settings window, you may set the risks for your trading in advance based on the following parameters:


  • Each deal volume - the maximum size of the position that is allowed.

If you set, for example, a value of 10%, the terminal will not allow you to use more than 1/10 of the deposit in a transaction.

  • Each deal profit - automatic management of Take profit order. Thanks to this parameter, you can set the percentage that you would like to receive when closing a deal in your favor.

  • Each deal risk - automatic risk management per trade.

In other words, you can previously set your own percentage of risk into the trade.

  • Exchange fee - allows you to set a commission for activating an order on the exchange so that this value is automatically taken into account in your trading strategy. This percentage will be taken into account when placing a stop order.

  • Current price gap this setting controls your Trailing Stop order.

Thanks to it, you can set a step based on the current asset price as a percentage in advance.

  • Open price gap - this setting also controls your Trailing Stop order. The difference with the previous parameter is that its use makes it possible to pre-set the gap from the current order opening price as a percentage.


Keep calm & Trade risk free!