What makes Letit a unique terminal in the crypto trading app market, you ask? The answer is easy: a functional based on artificial intelligence. A predictor that will easily help you to understand the market situation on the timeframe that you personally choose in the settings.

This functional is presented in the "Watchlist" section.  Here you will receive an estimate about the further price movement based on analytical data collected by the AI of the trading terminal.

1. To change the time frame settings, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the "Watchlist" section

2. The settings provide the following options:

  • Chart View is a slider that allows you to enable/disable the display of a chart with support and resistance lines on selected crypto pairs.

  • Trend Outlook is a slider that allows you to enable/disable predicting the future trend in percentage for selected crypto pairs

  • Outlook timeframe is a timeframe on which you want to receive cues from the AI predictor

  • The number of candlesticks is the number of bars that will be used by the neural network for analysis on the timeframe you have chosen in the “Outlook Time Frame” section.


3. By clicking on this icon, you can get information about support/resistance levels.