To purchase a plan with cryptocurrency, do the following:


  1.  Choose the plan you are interested in:

  • Clever

  • Brave

  • Wise

  1. Click on the Buy now or Pay next month button if you have already purchased a plan or are using a test version.

  2. Choose a period for which you want to purchase the plan - a year or a month.  Remember that if you opt to pay for a year in advance, you get a discount of 2 months of free use or 16%.

  1. Choose a cryptocurrency for payment.

  1. Click on the Pay button using Coinbase, get a QR code for payment and a wallet number that you need to transfer digital money to. After the payment, the system will check the transaction. Upon its confirmation, you will get access to the plan for the selected period.


Keep calm and trade with Letit!